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Memory landscapes in (post)Yugoslavia

Memory landscapes in (post)Yugoslavia Edited by Milica Popović, Sciences Po CERI and University of Ljubljana and Natalija Majsova, University of Ljubljana

Ландшафты памяти в (пост)Югославии.Редакторы раздела - Милица Попович (Центр международных исследований Института политологии (Париж) и Университет Любляны) и Наталия Майсова (Университет Любляны)

The case of Republic of Serbia. Jelena Đureinović: “If we take Serbian historiography as an example, we can see that the revisionist historians, whose agency was decisive for post-2000 memory politics, are actually fewer than five people. However, their work resonates widely because they receive media attention, have access to media and agreed to act as agents of state-sanctioned memory politics.” the article will appear later

The case of Slovenia. Mitja Velikonja: “The transitional decades have been marked by a rather schizophrenic situation, where political rejections of the socialist Yugoslav period of Slovene history coexist with a (pop)cultural fond or at least nuanced acceptance of this part of this same history.”

The case of Republic of Croatia. Sanja Horvatinčić: “The story of Yugoslavia is used as a lesson on the acceptable version of socialism without its ‘negative sides’”.

The case of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina – City of Mostar. Monika Palmberger: “There are practices of ‘border crossing’ and acts of solidarities before, during and after the war.”

Miloš Vukanović: “The descendants of Montenegrin Chetniks were extremely pro-American in the 1960s-1980s. Now, they are pro-Russian with equal vigour, emphasizing Russia’s status as a bastion of Orthodox Christianity and anti-globalism”

Elife Krasniqi: “Kosovar Albanian historiography reflects a long history of oppression, which conditioned this focus on political narratives”

Senka Anastasova: “Anticipatory memory practices as a potentially potent tool in the fight against capitalism today”

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